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How to Prevent a Breakup in 3 Steps

If your relationship has gone stale or you are sensing him losing interest you need to put the right strategies into place to prevent a breakup. Learn what works and how you can get any man to fall in love with you again and prevent a breakup without begging or manipulating.

How to Prevent a Breakup – Step 1 – Give Him Space
Ways of Preventing Breakups

The first step in your strategy to prevent a breakup is to give a guy space. Nothing turns a guy off more than feeling suffocated and trapped.

Learn to get on with your own life and have your own interests and friends.

Here are some ways to give a guy space:

–> Encourage him to go out with his friends

–> Have your own social circle

–> Have your own interests

–> Go out without him

The important thing is to give him the space and time to realize how much he wants you and needs you. You will never achieve this by being in his face too often. There is nothing more challenging for a guy than a girl who is not too available.

Make sure you are not always there for him when he wants to see you – this will make him appreciate you much more when he does get a chance to spend time with you.

How to Prevent a Breakup – Step 2 – Bring Back the Excitement
Don’t Let the Relationship get Stale

Many people simply get too comfortable in relationships and allow them to get too boring and stale. Guys often feel this boredom first and will be the ones to initiate a breakup simply because they are no longer getting any fun and excitement out of it.

The good news is that this is easy to fix!

Here are some great ways to bring back the excitement in your relationship:

–> Plan a mini break or weekend away

–> Try a new sport or game together

–> Be creative and adventurous in the Bedroom

–> Surprise him with tickets to his favorite sporting game

–> Go out on the town together

There are many creative ideas for dates and getaways that you can come up with. Think about what your guy likes and what things you can do to get the adrenaline going and reconnect your relationship.

It doesn’t need to be expensive or elaborate – sometimes the simple things work the best!

Every woman needs to know a few secrets about men. Find out:

1. What exactly goes on in a guy’s head

2. Exactly how to push his “emotional buttons” so he is the one begging for you

3. Detailed strategy on how to make him commit to you completely

Get inside a guy’s mind, make him adore you in a few simple steps!

How to Prevent a Breakup – Step 3 – Look Your Best
Don’t Let Go of Your Appearance

Too often in relationships women get comfortable and let go of their appearance. If you are wondering why your guy is not feeling as attracted to you as he once was – you need to take a good look at whether you are looking as good as you did at the start.

Never make the mistake of letting go of your appearance – it is an instant attraction killer for men, and it also make you lose your confidence and self esteem.

Here are some instant tips to looking great right now:

–> Refresh your wardrobe

–> Get back to an exercise routine

–> Wear makeup when you are out

–> Dress up when he takes you to dinner

–> Dress up in the bedroom

There is nothing more ego boosting for a man than a girl who looks amazing. He will appreciate you much more and you will feel great about yourself.

Guys can be shallow and are attracted to beautiful things. If you sense that he may be wanting to break up with you, the strategy that works is to make sure you are looking gorgeous and reminding him why he fell in love with you in the first place. login
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