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Break Up Survival
Tips and Tricks That Work

Guys are simple and sometimes girls can miss the most obvious tricks that will have him smitten by you. Follow these breaking up tips for a fast track to winning back your man.

All men have a soft spot for attractive women. They are hard coded to lust after desirable and beautiful objects, so you need to ensure that no matter how bad you are feeling you always look your best. Revamp your style, get a new haircut and force yourself to look your best.

This may be the last thing that you want to do, but it could possibly be one of the crucial breaking up tips – even if your heart is still set on your ex. Flirting and dating are essentially harmless – but will do wonders for your self esteem. Get out and meet new people, practice your seduction skills and be open to a new relationship that could even be better than the one you had.

Shifting your energy to your own career and goals is counter intuitive to most women, but is proven to not only make you more desirable, but possibly result in new success that you hadn’t even contemplated. Achievement and reward will take you out of the post break up depression faster than any other strategy.

Shift away from the defeatist mentality and reprogram yourself to self care. Challenge yourself to do one thing that you have always been afraid of or that you never seem to find the time to do. Take that class you have been eyeing or book the trip that you have been putting off because of your schedule. Travel, learn to dance or geek out on some niche interest. Being in a new environment or learning new skills will boost your confidence and help you regain perspective. There is a bigger picture that doesn’t involve your relationship – this is what most breaking up tips miss. The more you focus on yourself and let go of the relationship, the faster you will get the man back if he is worthy.

Listen girls – he is not going anywhere. Although it seems like he is lost forever, this is not the case. Any relationship can be salvaged and he will be right where you left him in a few months – after you have repaired your heart and soul. The most effective of all breaking up tips is to completely move off his radar. He needs to understand that you have moved on and are no longer available for him.

Break Up Help
What You Must Never Do

Don’t ruin your chances by making these mistakes:

Telling him repeatedly how much you love and care for him

*Showing how depressed and miserable you are

*Using guilt tricks such as money, kids, or some other manipulative leverage

*Apologizing profusely and swearing that you will change login
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