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Here’s a Quick Way to Make Him Want You More

Have you been stuck in a relationship where you are trying to do everything to make him want you more and you just end up frustrated and disappointed? Is your man emotionally unavailable and stalling on commitment? There is a solution – to make him want you more than ever and change the dynamic so that he is chasing you – read on!

Make Him Want You More – What Girls Do Wrong

Mistakes that You Never Need to Make Again

In a desperate attempt to make guys want you more and give you attention in a relationship girls often make these mistakes:

–> Playing Jealousy Games
–> Being over emotional
–> Constantly ASKING for more commitment
–> Give up their own life for the guy
–> Being too available

These mistakes are common, but they are doomed to push him away and will never work to make him want you more.

Never Chase a Man to Make Him Want You More

Men Need to Be the Hunter

It is a basic primal instinct that men have – they want to be chasing you down. Women often get overwhelmed by their need to be with someone and will go to any lengths to chase him down.

You need to STOP doing this immediately – this is the first essential step.

Men will never respond to being chased and pestered. This only reduced your value in their eyes. Get him to chase you instead with these 5 quick tips:

–> Be a challenge by not being too AVAILABLE
–> Make him organize dates and plans to see you
–> Don’t buy him gifts
–> Make your own plans and get HIM to fit around them
–> Keep dating until he commits

The final one is very important. If he has not decided to commit, then you are free to date. You don’t need to be too obvious, but keep yourself open and free to go out with guys and get introduced to other men.


Even though he may act angry and jealous, if he thinks that someone else may take you away, his competitive core will be triggered and he will not be able to help chasing you.

Learn how to detach from him and make him chase you!

Get a Strategy in Place to Make Him Want You More

Having No Plan is Planning to Fail!

Now that you understand where you may be going wrong and the tricks to his heart and mind, its time to get a strategy in place.

Its one thing to have understanding of these concepts, but putting them into practice can be tricky – especially when you get overwhelmed with emotions or are feeling vulnerable.


Get the right strategy together to make him want you more immediately and keep your confidence by reading this amazing blueprint with tips, strategies and numerous case studies. It will show you all of the things that you are doing wrong and how to REVERSE the situation so that he is the one that feels rejected and is begging you to come back.

Don’t waste years of heartache and disappointment –> The strategies are so easy to learn and employ with the right information – GET STARTED AND BE THAT GIRL HE WANTS TO CHASE!

It is actually very EASY to get a guy back after a break up. You just need to know the “Psychological Tricks” to push his buttons and make him want to chase you again.

You can get that power back over your ex boyfriends – it has worked for me and countless others.

You will Find out EXACTLY

1. What is going on in his head

2. How to push the right emotional buttons

3. How to get him to commit once you have him back

The main reason you want your ex back so badly right now is because you feel rejected. It is human nature to feel that way and this system teaches you how to reverse the feelings of rejection so that he feels like you left him and is desperate to have you back.

This is why trying to reason, use logic and argue with your ex boyfriend simply does not work. Even telling him how much you care about him will not work. It will only further push him away. It will only creep him out.

Men do NOT respond to that kind of heartfelt reasoning and emotional pleading. Their DNA is hard coded to respond to something entirely different…

This system PUSHES his particular emotional buttons and is a dirty psychological secret to get the power back in your relationship and have him crawling back. login
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