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He Stops Calling

When he stops calling, you can’t help but wonder what went wrong. Things seemed so perfect right?

But there is a reason he stopped calling and you know it can’t be a very good one. Maybe things have been going well with a guy you were seeing and then all of a sudden – everything stopped.

If he stops calling you, this isn’t a good sign. You could try calling him, or maybe you’ve even tried. This isn’t going to make him realize you exist though, ’cause he already knows!

Why He Stopped Calling

The reason why he stopped calling is a CHOICE he made. For whatever reason, he decided to stop calling you or not to return your call.

It’s difficult to understand what is going on for him, since you aren’t getting the chance to ask him!

He decided to pull back from you and this is coming across in his lack of contact. If you initiate a phone call, you may not get the reassurance you were hoping for from him. Instead, you may feel worse.

Excuses like he’s been busy or has misplaced your number aren’t why he stopped calling. The truth of the matter is he isn’t AS interested in you, perhaps like he once was.

If You Should Call Him

If you are wondering if you should call him, ask your girl friends for some advice first. Chances are they have been in the exact same boat you are in right now!

It’s always good to get the opinions from people who know us best. However, sometimes we just want an objective answer.

Truth be told, if you are questioning if you should call him, chances are you shouldn’t. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this. 😉

If he’s not calling, don’t worry, he has NOT forgotten about you. Give him some time to get back to you. If you don’t hear from him again, you can worry about getting closure in the near future.

Right now, you want to assume he is STILL interested in you.

By giving him the chance to call you FIRST, you re-awaken a desire in him to want you MORE. Especially if you don’t get upset or mad at him for not calling sooner!

Get Him To Call You

To get him to call you, the fastest way you can accomplish this is by NOT contacting him. The same goes for texting or emailing him too. The same rules apply.

If you contact him, you will push him further away. Pursuing him does not give him the chance to miss you, to desire you, to call you like he once was.

Get him to call by making him wonder about you. If he’s thinking about you, he may call you. If he cares about you still, he will likely call. Give him the space he needs to come to you.

Worrying if he will call you again or not will do NOTHING to get him to call you. 😉 If anything, if he knows you will be upset or mad at him for not calling you, you will push him away again.

To Get Him To Want You, you have to be pleasant and confident when you do talk again. login
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